Welcome to the wonderful and unique world of RAINTREE SUPPLY. Since 1986, your distributor for Nature’s Specialties products in Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso, TX.

Nature’s Specialties shampoos and conditioners are recognized as the best premium products available today for the pet grooming industry as well as for competitive grooming.

Nature’s Specialties uses only the best premium grade, natural ingredients for all of their shampoos and conditioners; all of which are non-toxic and biodegradable.

In addition, Raintree Supply features Andis clippers and blades as well as Geib grooming shears. We take sincere pride in being able to offer MADE IN AMERICA products as much as possible. You will not get this concern from the large warehouse and catalog companies.

When you call Raintree Supply, you get the owners. We personally handle every single inquiry and order submitted to us. Therefore, you’re treated with respect and individual attention. Call or email Raintree Supply today.

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